Why Sharp Grrl?

Clothes send messages.

To the wearer.  To playmates.  To all the tots, kids, and adults who see them.  Sharp Grrl clothes remind us all that our girls are sharp.

Sharp.  Clever.  Edgy.  And maybe just a little dangerous.

10% to charity.

When you buy Sharp Grrl products, you make a difference.  Ten percent of Sharp Grrl net profits go to charitable organizations that empower girls around the world.  We aren’t here just to tout a slogan, but to live it out, too.

What about boys?

Check out “Neutral” to see our gender-neutral recommendations.  And sign up for our GrrlFriend mailing list to be the first to know when more neutral designs hit the scene!

Tell us what you'd like to see next.

We add new designs often, so expect to see more!  We're here to fill a gap in kids' clothing options.  Tell us what themes and messages the girls in your life need, and we'll gladly try to meet that need.  Contact us here, join our GrrlFriend mailing list below, and help us celebrate the grr in every girl!


a great product with a great mission

So glad to purchase for my nine year old granddaughter! Clothes do make a difference, and assisting women and girls empowerment is always a good thing. Kudos to this company and it's mission!


Awesome designs!  

I ordered three different shirts because my daughter loved the designs. Shirts arrived quickly and the quality was fantastic. My daughter adores them and I can hardly gets her to take them off! Now all her friends are asking where she got them. School, play and sleep, the shirts are a massive hit in my house! Keep up the great work!